• The popular Nigerian singer, Mc Galaxy, reacted to the so-called video asking him to reveal their bodies for 50,000 N.

The singer was attacked on Sunday after a video on Instagram of his application for N50,000 naked virgins.

In the live viral video Instagram that danced naked on one of his songs.

The actress Toyin Abraham attacked Galaxy Sunday for asking to reveal their bodies for the amount of 50,000 naira.

On her Instagram page, you wrote: “Dear MC Galaxy, what you have asked girls to stay naked for 50 km is obnoxious, degrading and bad in every way.

“You only reinforce the belief that the easiest way to do things is to sell their bodies, I can not really understand what you need or what you earn from this despicable act when you could have register on pornographic sites. ”

But, reacting, McGallon denied Monday having asked anyone to undress for 50,000 pesos.

He defended himself 50,000 N when posted on Instagram.

“On Friday night, I hosted an IG Live session where fans called to show their talent, some were hitting, singing and others danced, and we received calls from all over, men and women, to show their talent. .

“At one point, a particular woman called with her clothes.In fact, I dropped the comments of the fans insisting that I accept her request, so I did it.

50,000 naira to dance naked. “As she danced, a friend said.There is no price to pay for a body to go naked.This number was a real case of Instagram.

“If you follow my page, you’ll know that I have the utmost respect for women.I have helped a lot of my followers that ladies who ask anything in return and without informing anyone.” My apologies we want to handle things better next time, “explained Galaxy.



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