Abdullahi Ganduje, governor of Kano State, blamed his predecessor, Rabiu Kwankwaso, for the slowness of the education sector in the state.

On Wednesday, Ganduje said that Kwankwaso had destroyed education in Kano under his administration because of a “superficial education”

He accused the administration of Mr. Kwankwaso of leaving a debt that amounted to billions of nairas as unpaid tuition fees for students because of his inability to take a smart approach to policies. 39, education in the state.

According to him, “Kwankwaso’s failure in education management during his tenure was the result of his alleged inability” to understand that educational policies need plans. ”

Ganduje said that while he was talking Wednesday at the official inauguration of the committee for the payment of scholarship allowances to internal students, The Cable Reports.

Ganduje said, “Where did he take engineering courses and get his degree?” This is someone who failed his joint entrance examination during his elementary school days.

“It’s because Rabi’s Musa Kwankwaso failed his exams at that time that he was sent to the craft school. At that time, those who failed, sometimes with sadness, in their primary education were sent to such craft schools

In 2015, Kwankwaso blamed us for ignorance for negligence in the treatment of the education sector in the state.

“We just do it because he’s so proud, but what wise approach does he have when his education is superficial?

The craft school now wants to come out bravely and accuse a professor and a Ph.D. of not knowing how to handle a good education. Is not it disappointment and ignorance?

“When Kwankwaso sent students abroad, he did not bother to make an excellent planning to do it.

“Most of Nigeria’s states that sent their students there at the time pulled them out because of the soaring dollar, but in our case I said we would not withdraw from a single student. but that we continue to pay crying.At the present time, many of them have graduated.



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