The State Services Department (DSS) has fired one of its staff, Jaja Otelemaba, for accepting bribes from motorists while on an election mission in Ekiti.

Peter Afunanya, the department’s public relations officer, said in a statement in Abuja on Saturday that the officer was on social media and negotiating with a motorist for financial support.

“The fact is that when the news was announced, the service launched a series of investigative actions.

“This includes the search and identification of this officer, his removal from the guard post and the publication of a memo as part of his position and rank”, was -he declares.

He disclosed this information to Otelemaba in a report room and was summarily returned pursuant to the Service’s disciplinary procedures.

The spokesman said that the dismissal was in line with the commitment made by the director general of the Service to promote discipline in the service.

He stated that his position on discipline issues continued to prove his intolerance for misconduct and misconduct.

“The Service reaffirms its commitment to professionalism, excellence and the rule of law.

“The DSS, as usual, reaffirms its commitment to the security of the current electoral exercise and reassures the country of its sustained transparency and accountability to the citizens”, declared the NAN.



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