The Nigerian music industry has never feared the hateful and malevolent relationships between its musicians. Years have passed, there are differences between two artists and it will never show that, even in the years to come, they will end.

Whether it is a battle of supremacy or superiority or any other factor, there will always be coolness between two or more musical artists from the Nigerian music scene. Some of these “bulls” are still shaking the entire industry and even pushing fans to compete, both on the Internet and on the outside. It’s like that that “oxen” are serious in the Nigerian music industry.

There was a time when R & Dman had a relationship with Ruggedman, another between MI & Kelly Handsome and another between Tiwa Savage and Yemi Alade, still in progress and much more. This kind of “beef” never ceases to exist.

However, the Nigerian music scene is one that has driven us to look at the history of beef in Nigeria and ask you what is the most famous and painful way. far.

Which one has the craziest beef up to now?

Davido VS Wizkid: Probably the most popular beef in the history of Nigerian music. These two types have been at odds since they established themselves as the biggest export of Nigerian music a few years ago. They have not been left in their oxen as they always want. Although they arrived at the end of the year, the ox is still resurrecting. There are even words on the street that, at the moment, are not talking.

Don Jazzy VS Olamide: After Reekado Banks won the coveted Headies Lil Kesh and Ketch Daniel at the 2015 Headquarters Awards, Olamide went on stage when Adekunle won the award. any other person. Lil Kesh is our next Lil Kesh “It fills up,” Every move is a consecutive hit, from Lyrically “to” Shoki “to” Efejoku “ko ni dafun iya to anyone” After these words, Olamide furiously slams the microphone on the ground and away.

Meanwhile, when Don Jazzy had the chance to go on stage to give a speech, he has a shadow to Olamide saying that if it is the car he wants to have, he should pick her up (A the car is always given to the one who wins the Headies Next Rated Award). Don in his words said; “Um … Egbon Olamide, uh … if you want the car, come get it.” After Don Jazzy’s speech, Olamide and the Don embarked on a party on Twitter while they exchanged words.

Tiwa Savage against Yemi Alade: This could probably go for the biggest female beef that the music industry has ever known. Yemi Alade and Tiwa have both been chosen to occupy the position of number one musician in the nation and on the continent in general. Yemi Alade is labeled “Mama Africa” ​​and Tiwa “Africa’s No.1 Badgal”, which has strengthened their rivalry and fight for supremacy. Yemi wrote on her Instagram page saying that Tiwa’s body shape was not as she describes it. She said that she looked attractive. Yemi Alade’s Tiwa, seeing his post, says that this will result in an exchange of words between the fans of the two singers.

MI VS Kelly Handsome: Declared as one of the most popular oxen ever seen on Nigerian terrain, MI and Kelly were promising artists when they pitched their beef. It was a time when Kelly Handsome was really at the top of his game after escaping hit songs under Kennis Music and MI was really making some serious waves too because of his rap prowess. The cause of their news is the attention of many players in the sector.

Modenine VS Ruggedman: These artists are two of the greatest rappers Nigeria has ever produced. Modenine’s “Paradigm Shift” album, released in 2008, contains mostly nuanced lyrics written to Ruggedman. Ruggedly tackled the problem in his album “Ruggedy Baba”, calling on Modenine to confront himself instead of hiding behind his songs to fire shots. Beef has really been a success and a competitor for the craziest beef in the entire industry.

So with all this … written above, who do you think has been the craziest ox so far in the Nigerian music industry?


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