I have only traveled out of Nigeria to the Republic of Benin – Ibrahim Chatta


The actor Ibrahim Chatta has just come out of Nigeria to visit the Republic of Benin.

Chatta told Sunday Scoop: “I have never traveled outside of this country except in the Republic of Benin, and most of the time I hear people in other developed countries begging. I do not want to be like that right now, I’m working on a film and I want to organize the premiere in the UK, the US, South Africa and Dubai, and if I go to these places, I know it’s for a specific purpose.

“There are many incredible places I have never visited in Nigeria.” I only go to my house and I go home afterwards. I have been invited to America and Canada for rewards, but God has not yet granted me the privilege of visiting it. I did not go to Mecca too, but my priority is to go before I die and I will not leave the world soon. ”

He admitted that it was a good thing to say that they needed their country. The actor added: “People always say that Nigeria can not be good, we should stop saying that.We are not patient enough and patriotic.I can tell you good things about New York. and from Washington, I’ve seen these things in movies, movies should be ways to project our country in a positive light, but we do not do it here. is my country. ”

Nigeria, a better country, said Chatta, “50% of my income goes to people, even though I’m still a poor man.I work everyday to survive.If I go to the bank, the staff members and the people in the queue always want to favor, I’m waiting for my turn.I say terrible things about Nigeria.I know many of my colleagues who support one party or the other because from what they defend.



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