Advise To All Guys!! If You Want To Have A Good And Healthy Relationship, Don’t Ask About this

Hello guys,

Let’s talk about relationship today.

98% of guys who ask about a lady’s past can’t really handle the harsh reality about the past they’re asking of.

How would you feel if a new girl you just started dating tells you that she has dated 9 guys before meeting you?

The sad truth is that all the 9 guys would have slept with her during the course of the relationships which lasted 6 months to 1 year each.

Can you date a girl for 6 months without having sex? the other guys before you too like it. This is num, let’s be sincere with ourselves.

Now imagine 9 guys in different relationships and each of them all have their ways. How would you feel?

Stop asking that stupid question from ladies.

Focus on what matters to you life and more on becoming a better person.

NOTE:- If you care about this useless question, you’ll end up breaking up with good girls who will tell you the truth and end up marrying the slut/olosho who will never tell you the truth.

Stay woke – your lover’s past life should never be your concern.

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